About Us


    I have had a love for art for most of my life.As a child I always had a passion for watching art shows on TV and aspired to one day share my love of art and creativity with the world.  

           My main passion is for Geometric art, Optical Illusions, 3-Dimentional art and Trick art. 

    I joined TikTok in May of 2019 and started to publish various short art videos. My channel on Tik Tok quickly gained popularity and as of writing this

    (01/2021) I sit at a half-million loyal followers.

          Unfortunetly TikTok only allows for short 30 second and one minute videos.Because of this I decided to make a YouTube channel.On this channel I show 

    you in a very easy to follow step-by-step format how to recreate my various art projects.These tutorials have been very helpful to many of you.

    Many of my fans have asked if I sell Pokegemz "merch" (or merchandise).This is why we started this online store.I searched through many manufacturers 

    and found the right one to create my custom designs.We only use high quality clothes such as Gildan brand. Our clothes are available in various designs, 

    colors and sizes. Also available in adult and kids sizes.

          Those of you who are regulars and loyal followers of my channel and live broadcasts know that our motto is "Good Vibes Only", and this is our mission 

    statement and always will be.

     My goal is to entertain, educate and inspire.....in a fun and entertaining way.